Friday, August 21, 2009

End of a Dream Run

Our house is a whirlwind of activity. My in-laws are leaving coming monday and we are all helping them shop and pack. So many gifts to be bought to take back to all the near and dear ones back in Bangalore. Loads of chocolates(are the ones you get here really better than the ones u get in India??), almonds, pistacchios, toys for all the kids, makeup articles and a bunch of other target/walmart stuff. I wonder if those poor suitcases will be able to take all the load...
And amidst all this activity, i cant help but think that this is the end of a dream run. For me that is. I mean my mother-in-law did all the cooking for us. She cooked yummy wholesome lunches and sometimes over the top dinners. She even had some snacks waiting for hubby and me when we came back from work. Hubby wuld step into the house in the evening and go " Amma, i am hungry..whats there?" and out would come varieties of lip smacking snacks. And even while i was enjoying those i kept thinking..hmm hope he dosent get too used to this snack thingy..once MIL leaves he is going to want me to cook him all these elaborate deals....
Most of all though, my in laws took care the baby while we were at work...poor M, she will miss her grandparents so much. Even though she is only nine months old and hubby says she will probably forget them in 2 days, i have my doubts and i do think she will miss them.
Well, anyways so now instead of coming home and playing with M, i will come home from work, cook, load dishwasher, finish up all the other chores and by then its almost time to give M her bath, give her her dinner and put her to when will i get to play with her???
One thing i am going to miss is the weekly hair massage that MIL insisted on giving me ( she dint have to insist too much..i love hair massages..or any maasages for that matter)...she would warm up the parachute coconut oil, rub it into my scalp and proceed to gently massage it...ohhh..the best 15 minutes of the week...hmm..who is gonna do this for me? I tried suggesting hubby dear to take up the task but he only roared with laughter :(
I am now trying to convince my Mom to come back for another six months....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Facebook Musings

So, I have been trying to contact a friend of mine for the past few days. Sent her a few emails and one voicemail. No response. And then today i contacted her through facebook and BAM!! About 30 seconds later i get a reply from her. What is this? Am i the only obsolete one who still uses e-mail? Has the world zipped past me while i stare at it open mouthed??
Well, i do think facebook is cool and all, but i still prefer good old fashioned "e-mail". I do believe some messages should be sent privately only. I mean, if i want to tell my friend that my little sweetpea has suddenly started pooping 3 or 4 times a day as opposed to once every alternate day as was her habit, and if i want to ask my friend if her son ever did that, why should the whole world and its aunt know about it?? And what would my daughter think about her mom sharing such sensitive information with everyone?
Anyways, below is what our wall to wall on facebook looks like:
Me: M is pooping 4 times everyday!!! And poop is looking very green..HELP!!
My friend J: Dont worry...feed her some yellow/orange veggies, poop color will change...

Now, dont you think such conversations are best kept private?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Blog

Hello!! Well, let me introduce myself...I am just a normal human being, who just became a mom by the way :) and thats why I named my blog "Testing New waters"!! But the name is really a lie, because I have realized that being a Mom, I am not just testing new waters, but i am deeply immersed into them!!

My daughter is 9 months old today and is one cutie pie and even though i say so myself, she does take a lot after her mother...haha, you can see i am prone to a little self praise, but then who isnt, one way or another?

Motherhood has changed me a really..i mean i know it sounds really cliche and all, but its true. And i am not just talking about the phsysical changes, coz i do not want to dwell on the negatives(i do wish i could go back to my pre-pregnancy weight someday!!!). But really motherhood has brought out all those things in me that i dint even know existed. For example, i dont hear myself complaining, when i get up multiple times in the night, to feed, change diaper or simply rock my little one back to sleep..i do sometimes throw dirty looks toward my hubby's sleeping/snoring form, but only when i can kind of open my sleep fused eyes....but since he is in la la land and any looks i may throw his way are anyways lost on him, i dont bother doing even that...

So, enough about how good a mommy i am. I do hope to use this blog space to dwell on things that i often think about and mean to put down in a diary or something, but i never owned a diary. Blogging seems so much can put down your thoughts as and when your thinking about them, which is mostly at work on a truly busy day Ofcourse...