Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Facebook Musings

So, I have been trying to contact a friend of mine for the past few days. Sent her a few emails and one voicemail. No response. And then today i contacted her through facebook and BAM!! About 30 seconds later i get a reply from her. What is this? Am i the only obsolete one who still uses e-mail? Has the world zipped past me while i stare at it open mouthed??
Well, i do think facebook is cool and all, but i still prefer good old fashioned "e-mail". I do believe some messages should be sent privately only. I mean, if i want to tell my friend that my little sweetpea has suddenly started pooping 3 or 4 times a day as opposed to once every alternate day as was her habit, and if i want to ask my friend if her son ever did that, why should the whole world and its aunt know about it?? And what would my daughter think about her mom sharing such sensitive information with everyone?
Anyways, below is what our wall to wall on facebook looks like:
Me: M is pooping 4 times everyday!!! And poop is looking very green..HELP!!
My friend J: Dont worry...feed her some yellow/orange veggies, poop color will change...

Now, dont you think such conversations are best kept private?


  1. I agree. Some things are best kept private.. :)

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