Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Blog

Hello!! Well, let me introduce myself...I am just a normal human being, who just became a mom by the way :) and thats why I named my blog "Testing New waters"!! But the name is really a lie, because I have realized that being a Mom, I am not just testing new waters, but i am deeply immersed into them!!

My daughter is 9 months old today and is one cutie pie and even though i say so myself, she does take a lot after her mother...haha, you can see i am prone to a little self praise, but then who isnt, one way or another?

Motherhood has changed me a lot..no really..i mean i know it sounds really cliche and all, but its true. And i am not just talking about the phsysical changes, coz i do not want to dwell on the negatives(i do wish i could go back to my pre-pregnancy weight someday!!!). But really motherhood has brought out all those things in me that i dint even know existed. For example, i dont hear myself complaining, when i get up multiple times in the night, to feed, change diaper or simply rock my little one back to sleep..i do sometimes throw dirty looks toward my hubby's sleeping/snoring form, but only when i can kind of open my sleep fused eyes....but since he is in la la land and any looks i may throw his way are anyways lost on him, i dont bother doing even that...

So, enough about how good a mommy i am. I do hope to use this blog space to dwell on things that i often think about and mean to put down in a diary or something, but i never owned a diary. Blogging seems so much easier..you can put down your thoughts as and when your thinking about them, which is mostly at work on a truly busy day Ofcourse...

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